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Discussion on the development of sanitary ware faucet market

The faucet will release the toxic element lead? This is not shocking. Recently, CCTV exposure of the country's water faucet compare test results that nearly forty percent of the market faucets quality less than the national standard, and some brand faucet is not up on the lead concentration in precipitation. As soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of the general public.

"Lead-free" brand on market taps

It is reported that lead can damage human nerves, hematopoietic and reproductive systems, and is even more harmful to children. It can affect their growth and intellectual development, and in severe cases can cause dementia.

"Lead-free faucets are good faucets." Yesterday, in the Xiaodongmen building materials market, a certain brand of faucets made such an advertisement. The author visited several building materials stores and found that, in addition to not leaking or rusting, all major faucet brands are now playing the "lead-free" brand. At a hardware store, the sales staff recommended a price of 179 yuan to the author rotating kitchen faucet that products using 304 stainless steel , completely lead-free.

"Some say that copper does not contain lead, and some say that stainless steel does not contain lead. How do you choose?" At the Chuxiong Building Materials Market on Xiongchu Avenue, Ms. Liu, who was selecting kitchen faucets, felt a little touched by a salesperson. Confused. "The news a couple of days ago said that some taps can cause lead poisoning, which is very scary. I specifically picked a lead-free one."

Unlike Ms. Liu's situation, the author found that there are still many citizens who do not know this. "Lead will flow out of faucets? I have never heard of it." Ms. Liao, a citizen, said that some time ago, she found that her kitchen faucet had green hair growing on the water outlet, and she couldn't wipe it off. She simply scraped it off with a knife and continued to use it. People say that they have encountered such a situation, it may be rust, and I didn't pay much attention."

The faucet selection depends on the valve core and electroplating

Which faucet does not contain lead? How to tell? "The so-called "lead-free" products on the market are not lead-free, but lead content is within the standard range." He Jian, an agent of a well-known hardware and bathroom brand in Hubei, told The author, because lead-free faucets require high production technology, and most domestic hardware sanitary ware companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, many do not have the production technology and conditions for completely lead-free products, so true lead-free products have not yet been popularized in the domestic market.

He introduced that due to technological limitations, most of the current faucets are cast with copper alloys with higher lead content . "Copper alloys contain about 3%-5% of iron, aluminum, lead, etc. in addition to copper and zinc. A variety of trace elements."

When choosing a faucet, he said that the valve core is the key. Good quality products use ceramic valve cores. He suggested that "we should also look at the electroplating quality of the faucet carefully. The good electroplating is very bright. Just press it with your hand and the trace will soon disappear. "