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    Single Level Shower Mixer
    A single-level shower mixer is a type of shower valve that controls the flow and temperature of water in a shower system. It typically consists of a single handle or lever that can be rotated to adjust the water flow and moved left or right to adjust the water temperature. Some single-level shower mixers also include a diverter valve, which allows the user to switch between the showerhead and other features such as a hand shower or body sprays.
    Advantage of Single Level Shower Mixer
    There are several advantages to using a single-level shower mixer:
    Ease of use: A single-level shower mixer is relatively easy to operate, with a single handle or lever that controls the flow and temperature of the water. This can be especially beneficial for people with limited mobility or dexterity, as it requires less coordination and effort to adjust the water flow and temperature.
    Space-saving design: Single-level shower mixers take up less space than multi-handle valves, which can be useful in smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium.
    Stylish and modern design: Single-level shower mixers tend to have a sleek and modern appearance, which can be an attractive feature in a bathroom remodel or new construction project.
    Cost-effective: Single-level shower mixers are generally more cost-effective than other types of valves, especially multi-handle valves, as they are simple in design and functionality.
    Easy to clean: A Single level shower mixer has fewer moving parts, which means less opportunity for dirt and mildew to build up.