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    • What are the switch modes of the faucet

      Induction faucetIt is a newly invented high-tech product, which is widely used in high-end places such as hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, etc.;...

    • How to Clean a Faucet?

      The faucet is a daily necessities that we must use in our daily life. According to the material, the faucet can be divided into SUS304 stainless steel...

    • How to choose a shower?

      1. Health and safety is of course the primary factorDue to the special scope of use of sanitary products, it can even pollute the water quality of dri...

    • Which is better to choose spring or gravity hammer for pull faucet?

      The convenience of pulling the faucet, once you use it, you will love it. The core of the pull-out faucet lies in the retractable and pull-out hose. T...

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