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Single Handle Bidet Mixer
A single handle bidet mixer is a type of plumbing fixture that is used to control the flow of water to a bidet. It typically consists of a single handle that can be turned to adjust the water temperature and flow rate. Some single handle bidet mixers also have a diverter that allows the user to switch the flow of water between the bidet and the toilet. These type of faucets is mostly common in modern European bathroom, they are design with the intention to save space and easy to use while still provide functionality.
Advantage of Single Handle Bidet Mixer
One advantage of a single handle bidet mixer is that it allows for easy and precise control of water temperature and flow using just one handle, as opposed to separate handles for hot and cold water. This can make adjusting the water temperature more convenient and efficient. Additionally, single-handle bidet mixers often have a more modern and streamlined appearance, which can add to the aesthetic of a bathroom.